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How Just One Bomb Could Take America and Russia to the Brink of World War III

So how easy would it be to start World War III with Russia over Syria? Over at the Week, I have a new piece out today the explores just that. Partially based on various war games I have been a part of over the years, past interviews I have conducted with senior officials in the Pentagon and a touch of imagination, it took me all of ninety minutes to think of how millions of lives could potentially be lost if a U.S. bomb lands in the wrong place.

Trump's Syria Folly Is Bad for Everyone

Less than three months into his presidency, Donald Trump has proved his criticism of America’s political class: that there really is little difference no matter who is elected. President Trump appears to have morphed into Hillary Clinton, or one of the many GOP neocons he battled during the primaries.

How Washington's Hawkishness Made America a Terror Target

Entering Brazil, like most countries, is simple. The passport line was long, but the process was elementary. No fingerprint taken, no photo made, no questions asked. I had to apply for a visa, but I wasn’t called in for an interview. There was no special vetting.

Put simply, Brazil isn’t afraid of the world. Its politics is messy and it once suffered under a military dictatorship, but it doesn’t appear that anyone overseas means Brazilians ill. Brazil’s government apparently isn’t cowering at the thought of a people visiting or refugees resettling.