The Skeptics

Kasich's Contradictory Foreign Policy

Now that Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign has stalled on the tracks like the D.C. Metro system, what are establishment Republicans to do? What options are available for the big GOP donors and political strategists who are desperately trying to save the party from nominating Donald Trump—a candidate who exhibits qualities that are the exact opposite of what the Republican Party believed was necessary to win a presidential election after a second humiliating loss to Barack Obama?

The Escape from Hell

Just days ago, in one of the most terrifying and exhilarating nights imaginable, a young Iraqi woman and her family were delivered from the barbaric hell of Islamic State–controlled territory just south of Mosul. After this daring escape, I now know that life for civilians currently trapped under ISIS domination is even worse than has been imagined.

Can Mosul Be Retaken With Magic Beans?

Last week the Hill reported that Department of Defense officials were giving serious consideration to expanding the involvement of U.S. military advisors in Iraq down to brigade level in support of the expected battle to retake Mosul from the Islamic State (ISIS). According to an Iraqi expert cited in the article, having U.S.

There Is Not Enough Scrutiny of America’s Wars

At last year’s annual meeting of the American Political Science Association my Cato colleague Ben Friedman organized a panel to consider the question “Why is there not more scholarly evaluation of war?” The good people at H-Diplo/ISSF Forum invited us to reprise our discussion for a wider audience, and Friedman, Alan Kuperman and Jon R. Lindsay accepted the invitation, offering three distinct answers to the question.

Marco Rubio: The Neocons' Last Stand?

Judging from pundits and partisans on both sides of the Trump vs. #NeverTrump divide, the race for the GOP nomination may be decided once and for all over the course of the next seven days. At least some Republican Party leaders have already thrown in the towel. “It’s too little, too late,” one unnamed GOP official said to Politico concerning the latest flurry of activity aimed at denying Donald Trump the nomination.

The Political Establishment’s Disconnect from America

Despite his resounding win on Super Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was the target of stinging criticism, not from his competition as would be expected, but from the leading voices within his own party. Their attempts have unwittingly revealed the extent to which the U.S. political establishment in general and the Republican party in particular have lost touch with the American people they ostensibly exist to serve.

The Death of America's 'Religious Right' Is Greatly Exaggerated

As is typically the case, the results of Super Tuesday produced political winners and losers and made somewhat clearer who the likely presidential nominees of the two major parties will be in November. Many observers seem to believe the chances of several candidates died last Tuesday: Bernie Sanders on the left, and Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and John Kasich on the right. Garnering fewer headlines, however, many experts declared another loser on Super Tuesday: the death of the religious right. These analysts misread the outcome of the election. Badly.