The Skeptics

Do We Stay or Do We Go Now?

In the last three years, the United States has tripled the number of troops in Afghanistan, increased the number of drone strikes in neighboring Pakistan, and killed Osama bin Laden—the highest of high-value targets. President Barack Obama has more than enough victories under his belt to stick to his timeline and substantially drawdown the number of troops from Afghanistan.

Libya: The West’s Latest Dysfunctional Dependent?

Libya’s rebel oil chief is upset—deeply upset—with the NATO nations. In an interview with Reuters over the weekend in Benghazi, Oil and Finance Minister Ali Tarhouni vented his anger and impatience. He accused the West of failing to keep its promises to deliver financial aid to the new rebel government—a government that still controls only a little over half of Libya’s territory despite extensive NATO air strikes on Muammar Gaddafi’s forces.