The Skeptics

Expect the Same Old Congressional Maneuvers on Sequestration

If there is one thing Sen. John McCain and many of his colleagues cannot stand, it is the automatic, arbitrary budget caps under the Budget Control Act that have forced the U.S. government to cut discretionary spending across the board. A law passed in 2011 that was originally meant to address America’s massive national debt problem and scare lawmakers into compromising on further deficit reduction measures quickly transformed into what former House Speaker John Boehner called a “meat axe” to the federal government.

The Fallacious Claim of Lacking Air Support in Afghanistan

The Afghan National Defence and Security Forces frequently complain that they are unable to capture Taliban positions without air support and that such support, if it arrives at all, is insufficient. However, a recent episode in a mountainous part of Afghanistan suggests that these claims might be fallacious and that the real problem lies somewhere else.

Breaking Down the Pentagon Strategy Memo Debate

What do you call it when a government department or agency sends memos back and forth, elicits feedback from senior leadership about the best path forward, and plots strategy about the best way to deal with Congress on a particular issue impacting its work? To most, this wouldn’t sound like an especially controversial or unprecedented thing for a department or agency to do; Washington is the bureaucratic capital of the country, and this kind of internal strategizing happens every single day. Those on the outside looking in just aren’t privy to the details and the sausage-making.

5 Big Questions about Syria's Future

Secretary of State John Kerry looked downright exhausted as he stepped to the podium after an all-day negotiating session and revealed to the world that the United States and Russia finally came to an agreement on a comprehensive ceasefire regime for Syria. By the looks of Kerry, the new ceasefire for Syria is a big gamble that could either be Nobel Peace Prize worthy or another blunder by the United States that could unravel quickly and painfully.