The Skeptics

Has Paul Wolfowitz Learned Nothing?

Over a decade after he left the Bush administration as the Defense Department’s number-two official, Paul Wolfowitz has mostly avoided the limelight. Rather than sign #NeverTrump letters or spout off every week on cable television, he’s tended to quietly influence the foreign-policy debate from his perch as a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute—a think tank full of former Bush officials, which often served as a loyal opposition to the Obama administration.

Time for a Better U.S.-China Grand Bargain on North Korea

Give President Donald Trump credit: he put North Korea front and center in talks with China. In doing so, he’s created an opportunity for the two nations to cooperate to more effectively press the North to freeze, if not end, its nuclear program.

But to move forward, the Trump administration must do more than dramatically wave its military sticks. It needs to take the initiative and offer more carrots as well. And the best time to do so is now.

NATO's Real Alliance Dilemma

NATO’s European members, especially the newest members in eastern Europe, incessantly fret about the threat that Vladimir Putin’s Russia poses to their countries and the continent. Their worries were noticeable even before the eruption of the Ukraine crisis in 2013 and 2014. Moscow’s 2008 military intervention in Georgia to support South Ossetia’s secessionists alarmed those countries. So, too, did Russia’s gradual but significant military restoration and modernization programs.

Trump's Republican Cheerleaders Want More Action in Syria

With last Thursday’s missile attack on a Syrian regime airfield, President Donald Trump not only sent Bashar al-Assad a message about his intentions—he also opened the floodgates for “the blob” in Washington to reassert itself. The reflexive interventionism that has dominated the foreign-policy establishment in Washington for decades, led today by senators from both political parties, are downright giddy: eleven weeks into his presidency and they wonder if perhaps Donald Trump is finally becoming one of them.