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China Can Have the Philippines

Ever since Douglas MacArthur returned to the island of Leyte on October 20, 1944, the Philippines has been considered a loyal U.S. ally. In 1947, both countries signed an agreement that granted the United States the right to use military bases in the Philippines. Even after rising anti-American sentiment in the 1980s led to the U.S.

Will Donald Trump Really Torpedo the Iran Deal?

Now that “the Donald” pulled off the miracle at the ballot box he was looking for (this Tuesday’s election was a modern day political version of David vs. Goliath), we can all stop prognosticating about whether Trump’s comments about women and Mexicans would translate into an influx of minorities and college-educated white voters seeking to defeat him. Based on the exit poll data, that clearly didn’t happen.

Donald Trump Is About to Become America's President. Here's What His Foreign Policy Should Be.

Few people expected there to be a President-elect Donald Trump. Winning the election wasn’t easy. Governing will be much tougher.

Although the Americans who voted for him likely are most interested in domestic and economic reform, international challenges are likely to prove more pressing. Indeed, the world may be messier in January than today. And the usual coalition of neoconservatives and liberal interventionists undoubtedly will press him to embrace current policy and treat Uncle Sam as Globocop.

Why America Should Not Be Asia's Globo-Cop

North Korea may be planning another missile launch. Otherwise unremarkable for little except its eccentricity and brutality, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea may soon acquire the capability to attack the United States with nuclear weapons. Washington should disengage and leave the North Korea problem where it belongs, with the DPRK’s neighbors.

In Defense of James Comey

Alberto Gonzales resurfaced the other day. The former Bush-era attorney general, elusive since he stepped down in 2007, was on cable news, casting aspersions on the FBI’s very public recommencement of its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Of bureau director James Comey, Gonzales said, “I worry that in this particular instance, he has made an error of judgment in releasing this letter, which really says nothing.”

How America Can Genuinely Push the Saudis on Yemen

This week, U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power took to the floor of the UN Security Council and delivered a stern warning to the combatants in Yemen’s ongoing, ever-bloody, ever-destructive civil war. It is time to stop the bloodshed, she exclaimed, come to the realization that there isn’t going to be a military victory for any side in the conflict, and get to the hard business of sitting down with the UN’s special envoy and negotiating a power sharing government.