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When Trump Met Putin: Is Reconciliation in the Air?

The long awaited meeting between America’s and Russia’s presidents finally occurred at the G-20 summit. They got along great, said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, connecting “very quickly,” and talked for more than two hours. Even First Lady Melania Trump couldn’t drag her husband away after the first hour.

Crisis Averted: How to Deter North Korea's Nuclear Objectives

The latest North Korean missile test has added new urgency to the problem of North Korea. And the allies have no answer and the tensions between them are likely to grow.

Newly elected South Korean president Moon Jae-in made his first visit to Washington last week. Both sides downplayed the potential tension from the meeting with President Donald Trump. Moon hails from the left and mixes skepticism of the THAAD antimissile system with support for dialogue with the North.

Trump's Tough Talk Doesn't Scare North Korea

Last week, President Donald Trump and South Korean president Moon Jae-in strutted up to two podiums in the White House Rose Garden with two major objectives. The first—to reassure Americans, South Koreans and the rest of the international community that the U.S.-South Korea alliance is as solid as a rock, even with Trump at the helm—was for the most part successful. The second, which entailed warning North Korea that it better behave soon or else certain options would be taken in response, was more of a public-relations show than anything else.

If Russia Wants the Syria Mess, Let Them Have It

Relations between Moscow and Washington continue to deteriorate over a variety of issues. Contrary to the expectations of Americans who favor a more conciliatory policy toward Russia (and contrary to the fears of those who believe that a confrontational stance is necessary), the frigid bilateral relationship during Barack Obama’s administration has not warmed under Donald Trump.

I Was in Pyongyang When Otto Warmbier Was Released

In the popular mind, there may be no more forbidding destination on earth than Pyongyang. Other than a war zone, I’ve never had as many people ask if I was serious when I mentioned I was heading to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Some seemed convinced that I would end up as the latest American featured in a televised show trial.