The Skeptics

Hawks and Hanging Back

The free-riding tendencies that hawkish foreign policy engenders, examined by Ted Galen Carpenter below, are not limited to our East Asian allies. Two op-eds in this morning’s papers inadvertently reveal the gains America stands to realize by hanging back and letting others take care of their own interests.

Another New Skeptic

We are pleased to introduce our third new contributor to the Skeptics, Brendan Green.

Brendan Rittenhouse Green is the Stanley Kaplan Fellow in Political Science and Leadership Studies at Williams College. He holds an A.B in political science from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D in political science from MIT. Brendan writes on international relations theory, national security policy, and military behavior. He is a strong supporter of the Cleveland Indians, reducing American commitments abroad, and other lost causes.

We are excited to have Brendan on board.