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Why Can’t Obama Buy a Vowel?

By most measures, President Obama has enjoyed more foreign policy success than his predecessor. As promised, Obama managed the draw down of troops in Iraq without getting the U.S. dragged back into Iraqi politics, clearly something the American public supports. As a follow on act, he ordered the raid that brought down bin Laden and sent al Qaeda reeling, and announced the timeline for U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Again, both things that Americans have long agreed were necessary. Most recently, of course, Obama gets some credit for U.S.

Analysis—What Is It Good For?

Writing at The Duck of Minerva, Brian Rathbun has some harsh words for so-called “foreign policy analysts” who hazarded predictions about how the Libyan intervention would unfold, referring to them, literally, as “dumbasses.”

Rathbun’s beef is less with the pessimism that characterized many of these predictions. It is with the act of prediction itself. In Rathbun’s words:

Some New Bloggers at Skeptics

We’re adding some new bloggers here at the Skeptics. We’ve long thought that our friends in the academic security studies community should weigh in more on the issues of the day, so we’ve reached out to some of them to write for the blog.

The first addition is John Schuessler, to whom I am indebted for having taught me a course on international security and served as my thesis advisor at the University of Chicago.