The Skeptics

Free the South Koreans!

Washington’s security guarantees are obviously expensive for Americans. Military commitments also come at a sometimes-high price for U.S. allies. One of the most important costs is restricting their defense options. For instance, the bilateral missile agreement between Washington and South Korea limits Seoul’s missile development. The U.S. should set the Republic of Korea free.

Avoid U.S. Meddling in Possible Iranian Upheaval

A British diplomat, annoyed at President Theodore Roosevelt’s egotism, observed that TR was so determined always to be the center of attention that “when he attended a wedding he wanted to be the bride, and when he attended a funeral he wanted to be the deceased.” All too often, the United States acts in much the same way in its conduct of foreign policy.

Who's an Isolationist?

Conservatism once was cautious, urged prudence, and emphasized fidelity to the Constitution. Conservatives saw responsibility as the flip-side of liberty, opposed the transfer society, and detested welfare dependence. On international affairs conservatives believed in defending America, not promoting social engineering overseas.

Fear and Exhilaration in America

Chaos in Cairo’s streets has wrecked Hosni Mubarak’s presidency. The collapse of any dictatorship should please Americans. One of the world’s most durable dictators is being tossed into history’s dustbin. However, the process in Egypt has only started. The most difficult question always is how any so-called revolution ends.