Blast from the Past: Are Mini-Nukes Making a Comeback?

US nuclear forces are ageing out. If we want a credible nuclear deterrent for an uncertain future, it’s clear that capability development must proceed. The modernisation of tactical nuclear weapons such as the B61-12 must go hand in hand with strategic force development, including replacing the Minuteman III ICBM, building sufficient numbers of B-21 Raider bombers to make it an effective capability, and proceeding with the Columbia-class submarines that will replace Ohio-class boomers.

Here Is the U.S. Army's New Plan to Kill Chinese and Russian Ships

“Partnering with the Army, SCO is incorporating an existing seeker (into ATACMS) that will enable our ground forces to threaten mobile targets on land and sea,” Dr. William B. Roper, Jr. Director, Strategic Capabilities Office, told the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense earlier this year.

Cross-domain warfare is an area of increased strategic focus for the Pentagon’s SCO (Strategic Capabilities Office), an entity specifically stood up for the purpose of connecting promising emerging technologies with existing weapons platforms.

I Met an ISIS Fighter in an Iraqi Prison

Checkpoint guards in ISIS territory are known for their ruthlessness and intolerance. It’s hard for me to reconcile this image of a radical enforcer with the young man who sits before me in shackles, worn down by countless interrogations.

In a war-scarred jail in Kirkuk, in northern Iraq, I meet a 27-year-old former Islamic State fighter.

I’ll call him Abdullah.

America's Nimitz-Class Aircraft Carriers Were Expected to Crush Russia in a War

During Operation Desert Storm, the Nimitz-class carrier Theodore Roosevelt participated in air operations against Iraq. In 1999, Theodore Roosevelt again participated in the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. After 9/11, Carl Vinson and Theodore Roosevelt participated in the first air strikes against the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Since then, virtually all Nimitz-class carriers supported air operations over Afghanistan and both the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq.

The U.S. Nuclear Submarine Russia and China Can't Beat in Battle

The extreme quietness of the Seawolf class gave the Navy the idea of modifying the last submarine, USS Jimmy Carter, to support clandestine operations. An extra one hundred feet was added to the hull, a section known as the Multi-Mission Platform (MMP). The MMP gives Carter the ability to send and recover Remotely Operated Vehicles/Unmanned Underwater Vehicles and SEALs and diving teams while submerged.