Fungible Loyalty in Afghanistan

A recurring type of incident that has inflicted casualties on U.S. and other NATO forces in Afghanistan has been the shooting of coalition troops by Afghan army soldiers with whom they are supposed to be collaborating. I'm not talking about assaults by unknown individuals wearing army uniforms, who may be part of a Taliban operation in which purloined uniforms were used to get better access to the target. I am referring instead to incidents in which the attackers were undeniably government soldiers, manning the same outpost or base as the coalition troops who became their victims.

Waltz on the State of Things Today

The excellent Theory Talks website has an interview with Kenneth Waltz that may be of interest to Skeptics readers. For those who follow Waltz’s writing closely, there may not be much new there, but here are a few highlights to encourage you to have a look:

Waltz on the “central challenge or principal debate in international relations” today:

For me, the central question is how to contain and moderate the use of military force by the United States…