The 5 Most Powerful Aircraft Carriers, Subs, Bombers and Fighter Aircraft Ever

The U.S. Navy supplemented Lexington and Saratoga, the most effective of the interwar battlecruiser conversions, with the purpose-built USS Ranger. Experience with all three ships demonstrated that the next purpose-built class would require a larger hull and flight deck, as well as a heavier anti-aircraft armament. This resulted in USS Yorktown and USS Enterprise, which along with their third sister (USS Hornet) would play a critical role in stopping the Imperial Japanese Navy’s advance in 1942.

Russia Wants the Strangest of All Weapons: An 'Underwater ICBM'

Before the U.S. spends trillions on developing on strategic anti-torpedo defense, let's take a close look at the alleged Russian super-weapon. First, a torpedo with a 6,000-mile range weapon isn't a torpedo, it's an underwater ICBM. Except that a real ICBM can reach targets on the other side of the world because missiles zoom into open sky, into outer space, and then down again through more open sky. But 3,000 feet below the ocean are lots of undersea mountains and canyons (a U.S. nuclear sub nearly sank after colliding with a mountain at a depth of 525 feet).