The Navy Might Have a Plan to Change Amphibious Warfare Forever

Designed with over-the-horizon high-speed and maneuverability, LCACs are able to travel long distances and land on rocky terrain – even driving right up onto the shore.

The Navy’s first newly built Ship-to-Shore Connector maritime warfare craft has launched on the water, introducing a new era in modern amphibious warfare for the Marines.

The new Navy craft brings an unprecedented ability to transport larger armored vehicles, such as an Abrams tank, from amphibious assault ships to combat ashore.

Why Bernie Sanders' Jobs Program Would Be a Complete Disaster

However, reality is different. Incentives do matter, just as we have seen in the past year. The tax cuts passed in December have already led to pay raises, bonuses, and (more importantly) increased investment. It is this increased investment that will lead to continuing raises and bonuses.

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ big-idea solution to everything is big government.

The Navy's Secret Fantasy? How the F-117 Stealth Fighter Almost Flew from an Aircraft Carrier

The ultimate iteration was the A/F-117X Seahawk, which threw everything but the kitchen sink into Nighthawk airframe. The Seahawk’s wings were lengthened nearly 50% to 64 feet long and adjusted from a 48 to 42 degree slant, while additional horizontal ailerons were added on the tail.  This was done to improve the Nighthawk’s aerodynamics and low-speed handling to enable landing on carrier decks. Visibility was improved through a bubble canopy. Of course, the Seahawk also came with reinforced landing gear, ACLS, arrestor hook and folding wings standard for carrier operation.

In 1871, America Went to 'War' in Korea (and Almost No One Knows about It)

The American gunboats returned fire, their modern twelve-pound guns driving the Korean troops from the walls and gun positions into the shelter of concealing ravines. The U.S. force’s commander, Lieutenant Commander Blake, wheeled his ships around and blasted all three forts until they ceased firing. Then he sailed back to the sea. Only one sailor had been wounded by enemy fire, and another had lost a few fingers to the recoil of his own howitzer.