These Are All the Ways the Marines are Preparing for a War with Russia or China

Lieutenant General Robert S. Walsh, a top US Marine Corps commander, told a US Senate subcommittee on Tuesday that his service is busy “modernizing” against a military threat from Russia and China now that Congress has authorized higher defense funding.

The Marine Corps deputy commandant for combat development and integration noted to the Senate Armed Services seapower subcommittee that the corps can now focus on developing long-range precision firing capability, technology to communicate in a degraded environment, protected mobility, air defense and information warfare.

Could America Stop a Cruise Missile or Hypersonic Weapons Attack by Russia or China?

With Russia and China developing advanced cruise missiles and weapons such as hypersonic boost-glide vehicles, the United States is looking at ways to defeat threats other than incoming intercontinental ballistic missiles. Moreover, the Pentagon recognizes that it might not be able to stop an incoming missile before it launches, thus the Defense Department is looking at ways to prevent an enemy from being able to launch a weapon in the first place.

The Trump-Kim Summit Should Be Delayed (and the Reason Is Obvious)

The last week has been yet another head-spinner in the Trump administration’s interaction with North Korea. Six months ago President Donald Trump threatened to “totally destroy North Korea.” Then suddenly he agreed to a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un just forty-five minutes after the idea was first pitched to him by South Korean envoys. Everyone has whiplash, which is almost never good for policy.