Get Ready for a World without Work

In his last Reddit post, Stephen Hawking warned that the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) could tear society apart. Dr. Hawking’s words should inspire caution in all who deal with AI. Fortunately, however, this challenge is not unprecedented. U.S. officials should heed lessons learned at home and abroad over past industrial revolutions. It’s too soon to tell whether AI means the end of human labor.

How Poland Would Defend Its Skies from Russia's Missiles and MiGs

The skies over Poland are guarded by a mix of indigenous and Soviet-designed equipment. Recently, Poland agreed to buy the American Patriot missile system. This could pose integration problems with Poland’s air defense network. But due to earlier experience modernizing Soviet air defense systems, Poland has developed their own air defense command-and-control network. Efforts are ongoing to integrate Patriot into this. In this article, we’ll take a look at Poland’s existing air defense and at how they have modified their Warsaw Pact systems to work in the context of NATO.

'Hitler's Zipper': Nazi Germany's Deadly Machine Gun No One Wanted to Mess With

The MG 42, possibly the best machine gun ever created, originated as a replacement for the German Army’s standard machine gun, the MG 34, which first came into service in 1936. Designed by Louis Stange of the Rheinmetall-Borsig AG (referred to simply as Rheinmetall) located at Sommerda, the MG 34, at the start of World War II, was the Third Reich’s preferred general purpose machine gun (GPMG) and was intended to replace the heterogeneous collection of automatic infantry weapons then in service as befitted the new German “one-gun-fits-all” philosophy.