At Least They’re Faking Defense Cuts

Both President Obama and the House Republican leadership now deem it politically expedient to pretend to cut defense spending. That’s progress. Last year, the President explicitly excluded security spending from his proposed discretionary spending freeze, and the standard Republican position on defense spending was “more.”

NATO Is In Crisis

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Berlin to tell the Europeans that America is really with them in Libya. This is something of a turnabout. In Afghanistan, it's America that's usually begging the Europeans to tell us that they're going to continue to fight rather than bail out. With President Obama moving to limit his commitment to action in Libya, or at least creating the appearance of limiting it, the allies are squabbling with each other.

America and Pakistan: Frenemies for Life

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal reports that Pakistan has asked the United States to suspend drone strikes on its territory and to reduce the number of American intelligence personnel in its country. “The bottom line is that joint cooperation is essential to the security of the two nations,” said a U.S.