Researchers Could Be on the Verge of 'Super' Stealth Warplanes

Researchers at BAE Systems and The University of Manchester successfully test-flew an experimental unmanned aerial vehicle with no moving control surfaces, BAE Systems announced in December 2017.

The 12-foot-span, jet-propelled MAGMA drone could help BAE develop stealthier warplanes. Control surfaces account for a significant portion of an airplane’s radar signature.

The One Thing That Makes the F-22 and F-35 True Killers in the Sky

In fact, in the case of the F-22, the Air Force is very careful about knowing exactly how well the jets’ coating are performing and where exactly they can send the Raptors as a result. “We can give them very good information for what they’re going into, but if their jet isn’t performing the way they expect it to, them knowing that information doesn’t necessarily do them any good,” said Tech. Sgt. William, 1st Operations Support Squadron NCO in charge of intelligence analysis in the Air Force release.

Just How Many New Columbia-Class Missile Submarines is the Navy Building?

The United States Navy may build more than 12 Columbia-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs). While the Pentagon had previously stated that it needed 12 Columbia-class submarines, the new Nuclear Posture Review sets that number as a floor.

“The Columbia-class program will deliver a minimum of 12 SSBNs to replace the current Ohio fleet,” a predecisional version of the Nuclear Posture Review obtained by The National Interest reads.