In 1955, America Threated China with Nuclear War

The United States remains legally committed to the defense of Taiwan, even though it no longer recognizes it as the government of China. Despite a recent spike in tensions, China-Taiwan relations are still massively improved, exchanging university students and business investments rather than artillery shells and aerial bombs. However, the capabilities of the PLA have drastically increased in the interval as well.

This Plane Could Start a Nuclear War With North Korea, Russia, China or Anyone

Two Navy Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadrons currently operate the E-6: VQ-3 “Ironmen” and VQ-4 “Shadows,” both under the Navy Strategic Communications Wing 1. These have their home at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma, but also routinely forward deploy out of Travis AFB in California and Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland. At least one E-6 is kept airborne at all times. E-6s on the submarine-communication mission often fly in circles over the ocean at the lowest possible speed—for as long as ten hours at a time.

How Russia's Tough Tanks Can Roll Toward Battle on an ‘Iron Carpet’

The Eastern Front during World War II brought the enduring image of tanks bogged down in seas of thick, sticky mud.

While it might come as a surprise, the twice-annual Russian mud is still a major military problem. So, Russia has developed a road-laying truck for its engineering troops called the KVD, short for “temporary road system,” to lay down a 50-meter-long aluminum sheet to help tanks and other armored vehicles to cross some of the stickiest paths.