In 1921, There Was the Very Real Possibility America Could Have Invaded Canada

In the end, however, the United States would have occupied the vast bulk of Canada, at the cost of most of its Pacific possessions. And the Canadians, having finally been “liberated” by their brothers to the south? Eventually, the conquest and occupation of Canada would have resulted in statehood for some configuration of provinces, although not likely along the same lines as existed in 1920 (offering five full states likely would have resulted in an undesirable amount of formerly Canadian representation in the U.S. Senate).

U.S. Navy Submarines are the Best in the World. But What About the Torpedoes?

CBASS technology provides streamlined targeting, quieter propulsion technologies and an ability to operate with improved effectiveness in both shallow and deep water. Also, the Mod 7 decreases vulnerability to enemy countermeasures and allows the torpedo to transmit and receive over a wider frequency band, Lockheed and Navy developers say.

Navy weapons developers are seeking a high-tech, longer range and more lethal submarine-launched heavyweight Mk 48 that can better destroy enemy ships, submarines and small boats, service officials said.

Get Ready, Russia and China: How 1 Missile Could Turn the F-35 Into a Navy-Killer

While the missile itself is very lethal, the other half of the NSM’s success in the European export market is its ability to be adapted to a wide variety of platforms. In Norwegian service, the NSM is mounted on Skjold-class corvettes, which are very small ships. In Polish service, the NSM is mounted on heavy trucks. Raytheon has also mounted the NSM on the Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) in demonstrations for the U.S. military. A demonstration of this capability (referred to as a cross-domain fire) will occur during RIMPAC 2018.

Russia's New Submarine: Stealthy, Loaded with Cruise Missiles and Hypersonic Weapons?

The Husky-class submarine might seem redundant since the Yasen class is also in production. However, the addition of hypersonic weapons, increased automation and robotic integration, and reduced acoustic signature (especially if it really is two times) make the Husky class an incremental upgrade. Perhaps the true advantage of the ­Husky class is not in its technical specifications but rather its price—it’s slated to be a fair bit cheaper than the Yasen class.