Revealed: How You Can Build Your Own AK-47, Glock or Even AR-15

The Glock 17 is one of the easier weapons to make at home. The Glock 17’s lower receiver is made of polymer, which is easier to work with than aluminum, though neither are forgiving to mistakes. Glock 80 percent lowers typically feature a more aggressive styling than the real, more conventional Glock. These lowers also typically feature an underbarrel Picatinny rail and embedded steel plate, for those hobbyists living in states that require serialization of homemade firearms.

America's New Stealth Destroyer '99 Percent' Done

Much like the lead Zumwalt-class ship, the 2nd is envisioned as a stealthy, multi-mission land and blue-water attack platform armed with long-range precision fires, a wide range of offensive and defensive missiles, faster computer processing speed and an electric drive Integrated Propulsion System with 78-megawatts of on-board electrical power.

Why Did Russia Just Build This Gigantic 80 Year Old Tank?

We’ll probably see this new reproduction T-35 again. Verkhnyaya Pyshma is famous for the historical tanks and armored vehicles which mark its Victory Day parades.

In April 2018, a very large and interesting machine rolled out of a military museum in Verkhnyaya Pyshma, a town in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region. It was a T-35 — one of the most bizarre tanks of the interwar period and known in particular for its five turrets, huge size and short performance on the battlefield.

U.S. Admiral: China Is Now Capable of Controlling the South China Sea

In response to questions for how to respond to China’s increased military presence in the region, Admiral Davidson advocated a sustained US military presence and investing in weapons technology.

If Chinese leaders thought that saying goodbye to their least favorite US military commander, current US Pacific Command chief Admiral Harry Harris, would mean a more amenable replacement is on the way, they had better guess again.