The Trump-Kim Summit Should Be Delayed (and the Reason Is Obvious)

The last week has been yet another head-spinner in the Trump administration’s interaction with North Korea. Six months ago President Donald Trump threatened to “totally destroy North Korea.” Then suddenly he agreed to a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un just forty-five minutes after the idea was first pitched to him by South Korean envoys. Everyone has whiplash, which is almost never good for policy.

Saudi Fragility, and Why MbS Is No Ataturk

One of the more intriguing news reports about the rapid rise to power of the 32-year-old Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman (MbS), concerns how he isolated his mother, placing her under house arrest for a time.  He kept her away from his father, the mentally declining King Salman, and devised phony explanations to the king as to why she was out of sight for so long.  MbS reportedly was worried that his mother might have opposed his power grab and in the interest of family uni