Senior Congressional Dems Urge Obama to Adopt No First Use

Senior Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives are urging President Barack Obama to radically reshape America’s nuclear posture. Among the suggestions is to declare unequivocally that the United States—which is the only nation ever to have used an atomic bomb during wartime—adopt a “no first use” policy and to eliminate America’s launch on warning hair-trigger alert for its nuclear arsenal.

Russia: The Hybrid State As Adversary

Oceans of ink and terabytes of electronic musings have been expended on the subject of hybrid warfare. The classic formulation is a non-state actor with appurtenances of state power and, in many cases, support from traditional nation states. Of particular concern to defense planners and intelligence experts was the ability of these non-state actors to acquire and employ advanced military systems such as anti-tank guided missiles, artillery rockets and man-portable anti-aircraft missiles.