U.S. Air Force and Navy May Challenge China in the South China Sea

Air Force Secretary Deborah James said the service will likely conduct new freedom of navigation flights in the skies above the South China Sea in response to China’s continued militarization and artificial “island-building” in the area.

“We will exercise our freedom of navigation in the air,’ James told reporters.

Calling China’s behavior “worrisome,” James addressed many lingering complexities regarding the US-China relationship, indicating it was characterized by both tension and cooperation.

China’s Economy Is Headed for a Very Hard Landing

The world’s second-largest economy is going to make a hard landing one day, China watchers have speculated for several years. The fact is, though, the Middle Kingdom already is well on its way.

Let’s first examine the “official” top-line numbers. In 2007, a year before the great global crisis, China’s real gross domestic product expanded at a 14.2 percent clip. Last year, it grew at 6.9 percent, representing a 50 percent decline.

Are the U.S. and China Headed Towards a Naval War in Asia?

The United States does not have a coherent strategy to deal with a rising People’s Republic of China in the Western Pacific. Nor do foreign policy experts specializing in the Asia-Pacific region have a concrete set of ideas to coax an increasingly assertive Beijing into accepting the U.S.-led post-Second World War liberal-institutional world order or to reassert Washington’s dominance in the region.

The Adaptive Engine Transition Program Will Revolutionize Combat Aircraft Performance

American air power is critical to mission success – it provides precision strike, rapid logistics, detailed reconnaissance and air dominance while denying those advantages to adversaries. It is essential that the U.S. continue to advance its air power to outpace future threats. One way the Air Force Research Laboratory is supporting the improvement of air power is by investing in revolutionary propulsion technology with the Adaptive Engine Transition Program (AETP).