Mattis: "NATO Remains our Number-One Alliance"

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is reaffirming that NATO remains the United States’ most important alliance. That is despite a perception that the Trump Administration is skeptical of the alliance.

“NATO remains our number-one alliance.  So I spent a fair amount of time on that effort at EUCOM.  Obviously heartened coming out of the NATO ministerial would be an understatement, but the continued climbing of the defense budgets,” Mattis told reporters on Feb. 17.

Israel's Syria Strikes Revealed Its Red Lines

During a trip to the Israel-Syria border in the Golan Heights on February 6—after commiserating with the Israeli military officers defending the frontier and inspecting the equipment—Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a warning through the press to the Iranians, the Assad regime, Hezbollah, the Islamic State and any other actor on the Syrian battlefield that sought to challenge the Jewish state.

In 1963, a Navy Submarine Sank Mysteriously. How the Crew Died Is Horrifying.

The U.S. Navy immediately moved to prevent such as tragedy from happening again. Less than two months later it created SUBSAFE, a program designed to ensure the structural integrity of submarine hulls at pressure and, if an emergency occurred, ensure that the submarine could safely surface. It established submarine design requirements and certified construction procedures “as specific as cataloging the source of alloy for each piece of equipment that is SUBSAFE approved.”