Relations with Saudi Arabia are Risky as Well as Confused

Mainly because of domestic American politics and the workings of the U.S. Congress, everyone has a right to be confused about U.S. policy toward Saudi Arabia, including the Saudis themselves. The first Congressional override of any veto by President Barack Obama has come on the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA); Saudi Arabia is the obvious, if unstated, target of this legislation, which permits private lawsuits against foreign governments on grounds of alleged involvement in acts of terrorism.

Putting the Security into Cybersecurity

You live in a crime ridden city, yet you leave your doors and windows open, display your valuables in plain sight and then wonder why criminals walk in and steal your belongings. Your response is to share your sad story with your neighbors and complain about your loss of privacy. Sound familiar?

It should – this largely reflects the laws and policies the United States has selected for responding to the cybersecurity crisis that is threatening and sometimes even ravaging public and private internet users.

Job Posting: Assistant Director, Center for the National Interest

The Center for the National Interest seeks an outgoing, pro-active, results-oriented individual to serve as its Assistant Director. The Assistant Director has an important role in managing programs, conducting outreach, and writing and editing institutional materials. The position also offers an opportunity to the highly-motivated individual for independent writing, particularly for the Center’s magazine, The National Interest. The Assistant Director will support the President and the Executive Director and report to the Executive Director.

Behold: 5 Most Lethal Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, Bombers and Fighter Aircraft of All Time

In today's world, where everyday it seems a new piece of military technology is poised to take over the battlefield and make everything else obsolete, there are several weapons of war that seem to have some staying power. 

Aircraft carriers, while some may consider them obsolete, remain one of the ultimate ways to display national power and prestige, with the unique capability to attack targets from the world's seas with deadly accuracy.