Slimmed Down WIN-T Increment 2 Critical to U.S. Army’s Warfighting Capability

If you think that the key to U.S. Army modernization is combat vehicles, long-range fires or new aviation assets you would be in good company. That’s what most people believe. You would also be wrong. The most important element of Army modernization is command, control and communications (C3). The remarkable pace, agility and accuracy of operations by Army units over the past decade, alone and as part of a joint force, is the result of their ability to acquire, exchange, fuse and exploit information between echelons, units and even vehicles and aerial platforms.

The Nuclear Cost Debate Gets Even Uglier

Near the end of a recent congressional hearing on nuclear modernization plans, a member of Congress said to one of the witnesses, “Your numbers are bull sh*t.”  The witness he was referring to had just testified in his prepared statement that, “contrary to frequent mischaracterizations, we are not spending a trillion dollars on nuclear modernization. The modernization costs, spread over twenty years, will be an estimated $350 to $450 billion.”

East Asia's Politics Go West

One of the (many) ironies of Donald Trump’s emergence is the general dislike for him in East Asia, especially among American allies, who clearly want Hillary Clinton to win the presidency. After all, “Trumpism” actually reflects fairly accurately the practice of how much of East Asia is governed. To be sure, East Asian elites are not much like Trump himself—thankfully. They are businesslike (to the point of leaden), not prone to outbursts, far more serious and well versed, and so on.