How America and China Almost Started a Nuclear War over Taiwan

The United States remains legally committed to the defense of Taiwan, even though it no longer recognizes it as the government of China. Despite a recent spike in tensions, China-Taiwan relations are still massively improved, exchanging university students and business investments rather than artillery shells and aerial bombs. However, the capabilities of the PLA have drastically increased in the interval as well.

Back in 1968, North Korea Captured 68 Americans and Almost Started World War III

Many of the Pueblo’s crew went on to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and lifelong physical injuries. Over time, however, the crewmembers put up their own website testifying to their experiences, successfully lobbied for status as prisoners of war after it was initially denied to them, and sued North Korea in U.S. court for their treatment. As for the Pueblo itself, technically the second oldest ship still commissioned in the U.S. Navy, it remains in North Korean custody to this day.

What India Could Do with the F-16: Turn It into a 'Viper'

On June 19, Lockheed Martin announced in advance of a U.S. visit by Indian prime minister Narendra Modi that it had reached a joint-venture agreement with Tata Advanced Systems to move its F-16 production line to India. This deal would be contingent on the Indian Air Force selecting the F-16 to fulfill a new requirement for one hundred to 250 new single-engine fighters, which could total up to $13 to $15 billion.

I Got a Sneak Peak How Northrop Grumman Integrates All of America’s Missile Defenses

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to visit Northrop Grumman’s facilities in Huntsville, Alabama to see some the company’s latest innovations at its Global Air and Missile Defense facilities.

The city—which became the incubator for America’s rocket and missile programs under the leadership of former German scientist Wernher von Braun—is the central hub of innovation for the Pentagon’s ballistic missile defense efforts.