Nazi Germany's Biggest D-Day Mistakes

The son of a World War II veteran, Flint Whitlock is a former U.S. Army officer who served in West Germany and Vietnam and has been the editor of WWII Quarterly since 2010. He brings to his role over 30 years as a military historian and author, with scores of magazine articles and 13 books to his credit; many of his books have won regional and national awards.

If 2.6 Billion People Go To War: India vs. China

A hypothetical war between India and China would be one of the largest and most destructive conflicts in Asia. A war between the two powers would rock the Indo-Pacific region, cause thousands of casualties on both sides and take a significant toll on the global economy. Geography and demographics would play a unique role, limiting the war’s scope and ultimately the conditions of victory.

Hitler's Greatest World War II Mistake: Not Crushing the British at Dunkirk

War movies tend to depict the battles a nation wins—not the ones it loses.

So with a blockbuster Hollywood movie on Dunkirk hitting the silver screen this July, one would think that Dunkirk was a British victory.

In fact, Dunkirk was the climactic moment of one of the greatest military disasters in history. From May 26 to June 4, 1940, an army of more than three hundred thousand British soldiers was chased off the mainland of Europe, reduced to an exhausted mob clinging to a flotilla of rescue boats while leaving almost all of their weapons and equipment behind.