An Attack from Just One of These U.S. Nuclear Submarines Would Destroy North Korea

The Ohio class will serve on until the end of the 2020s, and may even receive some additional acoustic stealth upgrades until they are replaced by a successor, tentatively dubbed the Columbia class. With estimated costs of $4–6 billion each to manufacture, the next-generation boomers may be fewer in number and will use new reactors that do not require expensive overhauls and refueling, allowing them to serve on until 2085.

Report: China's J-20 Stealth Fighter Won't Deploy on Aircraft Carriers

Chinese party mouthpieces have been set into operation, playing up the might of the J-20, the People’s Liberation Army Air Force’s fifth-generation “air supremacy” stealth fighters. But some papers have gone a bit overboard, suggesting the planes are capable of swift deployment on the Liaoning, the PLA’s first aircraft carrier, and the second carrier that is expected to undergo sea trials shortly.

Russia’s New Navy Plan: More Submarines, Frigates and Cruise Missiles

The Kremlin’s new state armament plan, which will run from 2018-2027, is shifting its focus away from the Russian Navy.

Compared to other branches of the Russian military, the navy will sink to last place in securing a piece of the defense budget. Instead of dreams of building massive 14,000-ton Leader-class nuclear-powered destroyers or 100,000-ton aircraft carriers, the Russian Navy will continue to focus on its potent submarine fleet and smaller surface combatants—and equipping those vessels with Kalibr long-range cruise missiles.