The Air Force Is Arming the F-15 with New Weapons

The Air Force is arming the F-15 with new weapons to better prepare the decades-old fighter for modern combat challenges and near peer rivals - giving the jet an ability to fly into the 2040s and track and destroy enemy targets at further ranges under a wide range of combat conditions.

“The Air Force plans to integrate improvements for the AIM-9X and Small Diameter Bomb II on the F-15 over the next several years,” Capt. Emily Grabowski, Air Force spokeswoman, told Warrior Maven.

Why the Air Force Is Dumping the B-2 for the B-21 (and the Old B-52)

With the United States Air Force proposing to retire its fleet of Rockwell International B-1B Lancers and Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirits as the new Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider comes online, one intrepid B-2 pilot has started a campaign to save at least of the of 20 remaining stealth bombers for posterity.

“Recently it was announced that the B-2 Bomber will be retiring in the 2030s,” reads an anonymous GoFundMe campaign by a B-2 pilot to raise $1 billion to purchase a retired Spirit.

Child Soldiers Pose a National Security Threat

The United States military is finding itself on the ground-conflict zones across the globe, including in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Nigeria. As the United States expands its footprint around the world, U.S. soldiers may increasingly come into contact with child soldiers. Although this is not a new challenge, governments continue to struggle to stop the use of child soldiers in some of the world’s most brutal conflicts, and to address the operational and long-term effects arising from engagement with children in armed conflict.

Is North Korea Developing the Capability to Sink U.S. Aircraft Carriers?

To state the obvious, the only thing worse than blundering into an unnecessary and catastrophic war would be to lose that war. As in sports, however, it is reasonably common in warfare for the underdog to prevail. Few thought that Japan could defeat Russia in 1904, but the Russian Fleet was sent to the bottom of Tsushima Strait, defying most predictions. Likewise, the battle tested French Army with superior tanks was thought to thoroughly outclass its German opponent in spring 1940.