Fear and Exhilaration in America

Chaos in Cairo’s streets has wrecked Hosni Mubarak’s presidency. The collapse of any dictatorship should please Americans. One of the world’s most durable dictators is being tossed into history’s dustbin. However, the process in Egypt has only started. The most difficult question always is how any so-called revolution ends.

The Blame Game on Egypt

The turmoil in the Middle East, and especially in the region's most populous country, is salient enough and troublesome enough that it will provide material for years to come to satisfy the ever-present urge to point fingers and assign blame. If events on the Nile really turn south, expect to hear “Who lost Egypt?” as a recurring theme—in, among other things, the 2012 presidential election campaign.

Getting Iran Right

While the topic du jour continues to be getting Egypt right, I offer observations derived from remarks I made today at a forum on U.S. policy options for dealing with Iran. The forum was organized by the National Security Network and the Center for American Progress.