The DNC Roast of Mitt Romney’s Foreign Policy

If there was any doubt that the Democrats have claimed the political upper hand on foreign-policy and national-security issues, the conventions of the last two weeks have erased it. The GOP barely mentioned the world beyond America’s borders in Tampa, but the Democrats aggressively defended President Obama’s foreign-policy record in Charlotte. Even more tellingly, they scarcely felt the need to engage the Republicans on many of the issues, and instead simply dismissed some of Mitt Romney’s missteps with jokes and one-liners.

Obama's Conventional Speech

President Obama did not deliver a slam-dunk speech last night. But nor did he lose the ball to the opposing team. Instead, he drove in for a layup and everyone got to watch as the ball wobbled around the rim before dropping through the net.

Obama's Wilsonian Pedigree

George Will has been churning out columns for nearly four decades, and still he’s capable of cutting through the dross of political argument to produce a defining nugget of civic analysis. He did so on Thursday with a column in the Washington Post headlined “Obama the transformer.”