The Trump Administration's Human-Rights Dilemma

President Donald Trump has demonstrated little interest in promoting human rights abroad. He was a dealmaker, focused on achieving concrete economic and security ends. Worrying about whether other peoples can, say, protest against their government doesn’t seem to concern him.

The Scariest Wonder Weapon of Nazi Germany: Its Very Own Stealth Fighter

But of course, the flying wing’s main feature was always supposed to be its speed, which could have exceeded the maximum speed of the best Allied fighters of the time by as much as 33 percent. Detection time would not have mattered greatly if it could outrun everything sent to intercept it. Furthermore, stealth would have had little usefulness in the fighter role the Ho 229 would actually have assumed, as the Allied daylight fighters ranging over Germany did not benefit from radars of their own.

How America is Making Sure Its New Ford-Class Aircraft Carriers are Ready for Battle

The USS Ford is now going through Builders Sea Trials and is also expected to go through a deployment preparation phase known as “post shakedown availability.” Depending upon progress with testing, the Ford is slated to deliver by as soon as sometime next month.

Navy officials tell Scout Warrior that the second Ford-class ship, the future USS Kennedy, will be 50-percent built this year.

This comes alongside recent Navy reports that the USS Ford is now “99-percent” complete. Ship developers say the USS Ford is expected to deliver to the Navy later this year.