Will Paul Ryan Lead Congress to a New War Authorization?

On Capitol Hill, as in life, it usually takes a strong-willed leader to compel a group of people to get things done. In Congress, finding that kind of leadership can be an immensely difficult thing to do. Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives don’t have a habit of coming together on politically controversial subjects important for the country. Indeed, John Boehner’s resignation as Speaker of the House last fall is illustrative of how high the cost of leadership can be: the loss of one’s job.

The Wars Ravaging Africa in 2016

With the exception of Syria, African countries currently get the worst rep when it comes to violence and conflict. Virtually every story coming out of the continent seems to showcase one atrocity or another.

This narrative is both true and false. In 2014, Africa experienced more than half of worldwide conflict incidents, despite having only about 16 percent of the world population. This is a slightly larger share of the world’s conflicts than even during the chaotic years of the post-Cold War 1990s.