In Defense of James Comey

Alberto Gonzales resurfaced the other day. The former Bush-era attorney general, elusive since he stepped down in 2007, was on cable news, casting aspersions on the FBI’s very public recommencement of its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Of bureau director James Comey, Gonzales said, “I worry that in this particular instance, he has made an error of judgment in releasing this letter, which really says nothing.”

Getting To The Next War is Going to be Tough: Why Military Transportation is so Important

Of all the challenges America's military faces, the one least susceptible to a fiscal or technological fix is geography.  The vast oceans that protected the United States from attack for much of its history are a major logistical problem when the military needs to get to a foreign conflict fast.  That's one reason why so much of the joint force was forward deployed in Eurasia during the Cold War -- military planners knew they couldn't react quickly to communist aggression if warfighters needed to be transported all the way f

U.S. Air Force's F-35 Teams up With New "Cyber-Squadrons" to Fight Future Wars

The Air Force is standing up new “cyber squadrons” and working vigorously to widen the aperture of its cyber-security focus.  This initiative will more broadly incorporate “networked” and cyber-reliant weapons systems.

“We do a good job with our networks. Our weapons systems are also IT related, so we are working within the Air Force to get those systems to a better place with regard to cyber security,” Peter Kim, Air Force Senior Information Security Officer, told Scout Warrior in an interview.