Bill Kristol Has Another Bad Idea

It's time to call a spade a spade: the #NeverTrump movement that was dominating the Twitter-verse and seemed to actually have a chance (however minuscule) of obstructing Donald Trump from winning the Republican presidential nomination is dead. No amount of hopeful optimism from the Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol can recover what the #NeverTrump movement lost.

Conservative Hypocrisy on Local Power

Generations of American conservative leaders and intellectuals have stressed the virtue of moving governmental power closer to the people. Special hostility is reserved for measures that centralize authority in Washington, but one often finds resentment in right-wing circles at state mandates that overturn local decisions. The official guiding principle for many conservatives is that government units closest to communities will more accurately and fairly reflect the values of people living in those communities.

China's New South China Sea Weapon: Super Coast Guard Ships

Coast guards around the world are often overlooked. Their missions — law enforcement and search and rescue — make them perhaps less bellicose than navies, although coast guards are often formal military branches in their own right, as in the United States.

China’s coast guard is more muscular than most. Even combative. And China’s coast guard has one especially combative ship — the CCG3210, formerly known as the Yuzheng 310.