Can America’s Allies Still Count on Washington?

Over the past several years, America’s traditional allies have begun to worry that this nation is no longer a reliable security partner. Many of the reasons for friends and allies to doubt U.S. commitment, resolve and even vision can be laid at the feet of the Obama Administration. But comments by some presidential candidates on the need to further reduce defense spending or to require that allies pay for the security provided by U.S.

Revealed: Carnival Cruise Lines Launches the ‘Hate Boat’ to Cuba

Ordinarily taking a cruise to Cuba would not rate high in my house.

Being trapped on a ship packed with “wild and crazy” middle-agers eager to “partay” on a conga line would be my wife’s idea of Hades. As for me, I have vowed not to return to Cuba until it’s free, and have not returned in 44 years.

But I must admit that Carnival Cruises is making it very tempting to try to book passage. Their recently announced discriminatory policy of refusing to take Cuban-Americans to the island of their birth puts a large, neon “Sue Me” sign right next to their company logo.

China's Nuclear Weapons: Still a Last Resort?

Among Western analysts who watch China's military and strategic development, a debate has been raging for some time over the gap between China's actual military capability and its ambitious strategic concepts.

There is no doubt that China's military capabilities are both growing and improving across the board. This is natural considering China's exponential economic growth – rarely does a country grow economically yet cap its military expenditure.