Don't Try to Imitate the Russians in Syria

Among the latest in the Washington Post editorial page's unrelenting drumbeat of criticism on Syria—which often does not make clear exactly what the United States should be doing there, except that whatever it does should involve more military force than it is using now—is a signed column by deputy editorial page editor Jackson Diehl, who says President Obama ought to emulate Vladimir Putin.

Big Questions in Iran’s Great Iraq Game

The coming campaign to retake Mosul from ISIS and the increasing instability in Iraq’s government –and the role Iran’s allies and proxies are playing in both situations -- are bringing to light the current state of Tehran’s policies towards its western neighbor. Iran’s investment keeps growing, but the challenges keep mounting. Is Baghdad still on a path to be firmly under Tehran’s influence? Or has the Islamic Republic finally begun reaching the strategic limits in its ability to shape Iraq’s direction?    

The 5 Most Lethal Navies, Armies and Air Forces on the Planet

The world, thanks to the march and diffusion of technology, is getting smaller.

Travel by airplane at high rates of speed, modern maritime transport and faster and faster transit on the ground thanks to high-speed rail and highways that cover almost every part of the globe mean people can get to points a,b and c faster than ever before.

Modern telecommunications mean we can communicate with any willing participant in almost any part of the globe, in real time, anytime.