Is the B-21 Stealth Bomber Too Secret?

For Bloomberg Politics, Anthony Capaccio reports recently that the US Defense Department’s Inspector General (DoD IG) has opened an investigation, at the behest of the Congress, “into whether the Air Force has imposed excessive secrecy on fundamentals of its $80 billion program to develop and build the new B-21 bomber.” The obscurity into which the Air Force has placed one of its top procurement priorities is remarkable

How America Could End Up in an Unexpected War with China

Three decades ago the People’s Republic of China was an economic backwater. Today the PRC sports the world’s second-largest economy. Shanghai most dramatically illustrates the country’s transformation. The city is filled with stylish office buildings, five-star hotels, luxury stores and foreign visitors.

Reflecting their success, the Chinese are increasingly confident as well. If not yet a great power, the PRC seems destined to eventually share global leadership with the United States. And its people know that.

Which means future U.S.-China relations could be rocky.

Is the U.S. Navy Dying?

The United States Navy is in a dire situation when it comes to the readiness of its aircraft, ships and submarines.

The blame for the situation can be laid directly at the feet of the U.S. Congress, which has failed time and again to pass a budget. Moreover, even when the Congress does manage to come to some sort of consensus, too often funding comes in the form a continuing resolution that does not provide the services with the flexibility to allocate money where it is needed. That’s compounded by the 2011 Budget Control Act, which adds to the funding disruptions.

Georgia Wants Reassurance That America Will Help Deter Russia

Georgia and America are celebrating twenty-five years of diplomatic relations and remarkable partnership. Georgia is an emerging democracy in a difficult region with mainly authoritarian regimes nearby. This and its location as a continental transport hub give it strategic importance. Georgia faces severe challenges from Russian military occupation and economic weakness, and to surmount them it deserves sustained Western support.