Revealed: The U.S Army Wants a Super Missile to Kill the Enemy (500 Kilometers Away)

The Emerging Ground-Fired LRPF Will Hit Targets at Ranges up to 500 Kilometers.

The U.S. Army is working to build a sleek, high-speed, first-of-its-kind long-range ground launched attack missile able to pinpoint and destroy enemy bunkers, helicopter staging areas, troop concentrations and other fixed-location targets from as much as three times the range of existing weapons, service officials said.

The emerging Long Range Precision Fires, slated to be operational by 2027, is being designed to destroy targets at distances up to 500 kilometers.

These are the 10 Killer Weapons Russia and NATO Would Use in a War

Tensions between NATO and Russia continue to hold steady at the highest levels since the collapse of the old Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union (25 years ago this month).

From the neverending crisis in Ukraine to the ongoing nightmarish civil war in Syria to lingering challenges in the Baltics and beyond, the spectre of a showdown looms over these rival camps. And massive nuclear weapons arsenals on both sides only complicates this dangerous dynamic.

But what would happen if tensions ever escalated to all out military conflict? Who would have the advantage?