F-35 Stealth Fighter Tests ‘Aircraft Killer’ Missiles

The AIM-9X is a short-range, heat-seeking precision-guided air-to-air and air-to-ground missile using infrared guidance to track and destroy targets.

The F-35 Lightning II continues to test the AIM-9X air-to-air missile after it destroyed an aerial drone off the Coast of California at a military test range, demonstrating the first "live" air-to-air kill test for the emerging stealth multi-role fighter.  

The Difficult Domestic Politics of Climate Change

Going into the first televised joint appearance (commonly called a debate) of the two major party presidential nominees, the 2016 election campaign has given disturbingly little attention to the looming long-term catastrophe represented by climate change. Certainly the issue deserves much more attention as measured by the relative intrinsic importance of topics that do get discussed. This includes not only diversionary topics such as Hillary Clinton's emails but also real policy issues such as ones involving the political future of Syria.

Congress Needs to Make Army Modernization A Priority

President Ronald Reagan was the individual most responsible for winning the Cold War. His success was based on recognition of a simple fact: Soviet aggression could only be deterred and negotiations with the Kremlin’s leaders conducted successfully if the United States was militarily strong. Reagan framed his conception of the relationship between peace and strength early in his presidency: