'We the People' vs. Washington: Health Care and the 2016 Presidential Race

The fundamental issue facing the American public during the 2016 election is the relationship between the American people and our government. Behind all the noise and drama of this presidential campaign stands one central question: will our next president transfer yet more power to Washington? Or will he or she return power to us, to We the People.

Nothing personalizes the magnitude of this difference more than health care.

Japan: The Next Major Player in the Taiwan Strait?

In his recent talk with U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken, China’s Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office Zhang Zhijun reiterated Beijing’s cross-Strait policy. Beijing will continue to uphold the 1992 Consensus, which accepts “one China” but allows strategic uncertainty surrounding its precise definition, resolutely opposes to any form of secessionist activities seeking Taiwan independence and firmly safeguards national sovereignty and territorial integrity.