China's Presses the Fast Forward Button to Dominate the South China Sea

China’s takeover of the South China Sea is nearly complete and Beijing is now stepping up its sophisticated information warfare campaign in preparation for an expected unfavorable ruling from an international tribunal affecting its island claims.

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague is expected to rule within the next few weeks on an appeal from the Philippines challenging the legality of China’s claim to maritime sovereignty over most of the South China Sea under its ill-defined “Nine-Dash Line” over 90% of the sea.

America's Lethal F-15Es, Drones and B-1B Bombers Need More Smart Bombs

The Air Force is hoping to replenish its stockpile of weapons on a faster timetable in order to keep pace with the rapid operational tempo of ongoing attacks against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, service officials said. 

Lt. Gen. Charles Brown Jr., Commander, U.S. Air Forces Central Command, said the U.S. may take some precision weapons from existing U.S. stockpiles in other areas of the world in order to keep pace with the amount of air-dropped precision weaponry needed to attack ISIS.