The U.S. Air Force's Next Super Weapon: Lethal Lasers?

The Air Force plans to arm its fleet of drones and fighter jets with high-tech laser weapons able to incinerate enemy targets from the sky, service officials said.

 Aircraft-launched laser weapons could eventually be engineered for a wide range of potential uses, including air-to-air combat, close air support, counter-UAS(drone), counter-boat, ground attack and even missile defense, officials said.

Israel's 'Custom' F-35 Stealth Fighter: A Lethal, High-Tech Wonder Weapon?

Israel is practically a launch customer for the American-designed F-35 stealth fighter. The Jewish state plans on declaring its first squadron of the radar-evading jet combat-ready by the end of 2017.

That’s just two years after the U.S. Marine Corps’ declaration of war-readiness for its F-35s — and one year later than the U.S. Air Force’s own planned introduction of the new plane.

And Israel’s F-35s will be unique. While most foreign customers of the stealth fighter plan to operate fairly standard F-35s, Tel Aviv is heaping its own special tech onto the airframe.

In the War on Terror, Information is Power

Recent terrorist attacks in Brussels, Paris and San Bernardino have accelerated the need for governments to use all effective tools to deter additional plots. The European Union (EU) has taken a wise step toward keeping nations and citizens—their own and ours—safe and secure by approving the use of aviation Passenger Name Records (PNR) as part of increased information collection and sharing.