Are China and Taiwan Heading Towards Conflict?

Deng Xiaoping once proclaimed that China could wait for 100 years to reunify with Taiwan if necessary. More recently, former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin started to articulate that China would not wait forever, but lacked the capacity to back up the implicit threat. While President Xi Jinping has made greater efforts to push for political dialog, what is clear is that he is more confident in resolving the Taiwan issue on Beijing’s terms.

Why the U.S. Military's Unmanned Surface Vehicle Could Be a Game Changer

The Pentagon is engineering high-tech, removable Unmanned Surface Vehicle “kits” designed to change amphibious warfare by delivering combat-relevant supplies, firing weapons, swarming enemies, refueling ships, searching for enemy mines and submarines and dispersing attacking forces to minimize risk from enemy fire.

A key advantage of using remotely-controlled drone ships is that, quite naturally, they can save sailors and marines from being exposed to enemy fire during an attack operation.