5 Myths About Brexit, Debunked

The most surprising event of the year was the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union last week. Though polls indicated an extremely close race, the Leave campaign’s victory startled many here in DC, leading to an outpouring of concern, anxiety, and thinkpieces. But for every reasoned assessment of how Brexit might impact Europe or the United States, there are ten articles that rely on hyperbole and speculation.

NATO Only Institution Uniting Europe Post Brexit

The European Union (EU) was never truly about economics. It was always a political organization. Actually, its primary purpose was to ensure peace and security for the continent. This was a major reason why the EU was generally tolerant of failures by member states, including several of the largest, to meet agreed-to targets on budget deficits and debt levels. The theory was that economic interdependence and a growing body of common laws and regulations would make it increasingly difficult for the nations of Europe to war with one another.