Russia Kilo Sub Launches Missile Attack On Daesh

Russia launched a barrage of Kalibr land attack cruise missiles at Daesh targets in Syria from a submarine sailing in the Mediterranean Sea earlier. This is the first confirmed Russian submarine-based cruise missile strike during the conflict in Syria, however there has been some suggestion that Moscow may have launched a similar attack in November.

Misplaced Optimism on American Attitudes Toward Muslims

It is always disconcerting when you stumble upon something that you wrote many years ago, and you ask yourself: “Why did I think that?”

Sometimes it’s merely a case of youthful naiveté. We all said (and did!) lots of silly things in college. At other times, events conspire to turn rational exuberance into the irrational kind. I fear that my writings on the war on terror from the mid-2000s will seem a case of the latter—if not already, then in the near future.

U.S. Mid East Policy: Success or Spin?

Really. It’s time for America to stop the self-deception in the Middle East. There is one overriding question that needs answering: does the United States genuinely want to succeed in its fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) or does the preeminent objective remain spinning international events for domestic benefits? If it’s the latter, today’s leading voices will continue thriving. If it’s the former, we’re in real trouble.