The Russian Army's Super Weapon: Beware the T-15 Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Though the focus is often on the T-14 main battle tank version of Russia’s new Armata series of armored vehicles, the T-15 heavy infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) is in many ways a revolutionary innovation.

Built on a common chassis with its main battle tank stable mate, the T-15 is equipped with nearly the same level of protection as the T-14. That means that it can fight alongside main battle tanks and go toe-to-toe with enemy armor with its anti-tank guided-missile armament.

The 5 Most Dangerous (and Destructive) Navies of All Time

The United States Navy of 1945 emerged victorious from a two-ocean war, fighting two very different campaigns in each. In the Pacific, Japanese gains from the Philippines to the Solomons had to be reversed, while in the Atlantic the Navy was responsible for mitigating the U-boat threat and conducting invasions of North Africa, Italy, and France. So clearly Washington's World War II Navy was one of the most powerful of all time. Who else made the list? 

5 Empires that Totally Dominated History

So how does the United States of America match up with all these behemoths? The United States is certainly the world’s most powerful nation ever, militarily speaking. It combines the British ingenuity for trade with a more deeply held liberalism and continent-sized resources. Like the Romans, it has an attractive culture. Like the Mongols, it can wield total destruction. Who makes the cut?