Holding the Iraqi Army's Hand in Mosul

The most unsurprising Iraq headline of the week appears atop this Reuters article: “Iraq puts northern offensive against Islamic State on hold.” The fact that the Iraqi army has further delayed its push into one of Iraq’s most populous cities should surprise absolutely no one. Even those who have recently made even the most cursory observations of the state of Iraq’s internal security and its campaign against the Islamic State (aka ISIS) know that it has been an interminable endeavor.

This Is Why More States Are Requiring Work for Food Stamps

Newspaper headlines have been bemoaning that more states will now have to require adults on food stamps—who are able-bodied and without dependents—to work.

Since 2009, nearly all states have been able to waive the modest food stamp work requirement. But these waivers have gradually been expiring, and as of April 1, more states are once again required to enforce the modest food stamp work requirement.