America's F-22 Stealth Fighter vs. Russia's PAK-FA and China's J-20: Who Wins?

The United States, Russia and China all have one thing in common: they are all building some of the most advanced fighter jets in the world. Specifically, 5th generation fighters that, at least on paper, could dominate the skies for decades to come. 

The planes that get the most interest, America's F-22, PAK-FA and J-20 all have their strengths and weaknesses, but could any really beat Washington's F-22 Raptor? 

Could Russia's new jet take on America's best?

Could China's 5th generation fighter take down America in the sky? 

Why Russia and China's Combat Drills in the South China Sea Matter

There’s a growing intimacy between two of Asia’s big naval powers and it’s causing disquiet among regional watchers and maritime policymakers. Russia and China are growing closer in the nautical realm, much to the chagrin of Indian, American and Southeast Asian analysts who feel that their growing bilateral synergy could impact the balance of power in Asia.

The U.S. Navy Tests Fires Its Ultimate Weapon: Underwater Nuclear Missiles

The US Navy is test-firing and upgrading its arsenal of Trident II D5 nuclear-armed submarine launched missiles designed to keep international peace -- by ensuring and undersea-fired second-strike ability in the event of a catastrophic nuclear first strike on the US.

Firing from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida Aug. 31, a specially configured non-armed “test” version of the missile was fired from the Navy’s USS Maryland. This was the 161st successful Trident II launch since design completion in 1989.

Is the U.S. Navy Moving too Fast on its New Frigate?

No major acquisition program has gone through the multiple perturbations in so short a time as experienced by the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) and not only survived but seemingly flourished. What was originally conceived of as a small, extremely fast, maneuverable, expendable and, therefore, relatively inexpensive light warship for operations such as mine countermeasures and countering fast attack craft in inshore or littoral waters has morphed into a multi-mission frigate intended to fight and survive in high-end battles.