Why America's Military Needs a New Nuclear-Armed Cruise Missile

The safety and survival of American civilians along with countless US military assets hinges, to some extent, upon the existence of a nuclear-armed, air-launched long-range stealthy cruise missile able to elude sophisticated enemy air defenses and threaten or strike targets deeply lodged in enemy territory, senior Air Force officials said.

At first glance, this concept could resonate as somewhat extreme or exaggerated -- given the existing US “Triad” of nuclear weapons to include ICBMs, air-dropped bombs and submarine launched nuclear firepower.

Taiwan's Floundering Military Needs to Up its Game

Tsai Ing-wen’s government seeks a greater strategic role in the Pacific and a closer security relationship with the US.  Some Congressional representatives, Washington think tank types, and security specialists also advocate such.  However, the Taiwan military faces some serious challenges inhibiting its ability to play such a role.

Beijing's Go Big or Go Home Moment in the South China Sea

China is preparing for its go or go home moment in the South China Sea and it appears they have chosen the right time to make a play for regional and, ultimately, global dominance. The announcement that China has installed reinforced hangars to protect tactical aircraft from outside attacks as well as the appearance of other “unknown structures” which are easily recognizable as missile revetments to any trained observer, demonstrates that China’s proclamation of a military and economic exclusion zone over the South China sea is imminent.

The US Military's Ultimate Cold War Missile Could Have Been a Flying Chernobyl

It was the perfect airborne death machine—a supersonic drone of nearly unlimited range, loaded with hydrogen bombs zooming around Earth at more than 2,500 miles per hour. To the engineers who worked on its development, it was “technically sweet” and the high point of their careers.

Developed between 1957 and 1964, the Supersonic Low Altitude Missile was one of the craziest, deadliest nuclear weapons systems ever pursued.