Could China Join America's Pacific Security Order?

The United States must include the People’s Republic of China in any future regional security architecture in the Asia-Pacific region—according to the U.S. Navy’s top uniformed officer. Not including Beijing in such a framework would ultimately result in a costly failure for Washington’s ambitions in the region.

Breaking Down the Pentagon Strategy Memo Debate

What do you call it when a government department or agency sends memos back and forth, elicits feedback from senior leadership about the best path forward, and plots strategy about the best way to deal with Congress on a particular issue impacting its work? To most, this wouldn’t sound like an especially controversial or unprecedented thing for a department or agency to do; Washington is the bureaucratic capital of the country, and this kind of internal strategizing happens every single day. Those on the outside looking in just aren’t privy to the details and the sausage-making.

5 Reasons Why the Current Strategy for Assured Access to Space Is Too Risky

It is the law. The United States must, to the greatest extent possible, have assured access to space (10 U.S. Code § 2273). To this end, the President is directed to, at a minimum, provide resources and policy guidance to: 1) sustain the availability of at least two space launch vehicles (or families of space launch vehicles) capable of delivering into space any payload designated by the Secretary of Defense or the Director of National Intelligence as a national security payload; and 2) a robust space launch infrastructure and industrial base.

America's 5 Greatest Military Victories (and 5 Most Shocking Defeats)

The American military is clearly the most dominant force on the planet--maybe the most lethal ever. Armed with nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, submarines, a fleet of drones and a massive army and air force, it would win in almost any circumstance--at least on paper. But that has not always been the case, and sometimes not even being the best in the world can crush a committed foe who will stop at nothing to win in combat.