5 Iranian Weapons of War Saudi Arabia Should Fear

With tensions ratcheting up between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the potential for conflict is growing.

While Iranian forces are no match technologically for Riyadh’s lavishly equipped military, Tehran can use what equipment and troops it does have in clever ways to offset that advantage. But sanctions have done serious damage to Iranian forces, so Tehran would have to rely on asymmetric means to take on Saudi Arabia until new hardware like the Russian S-300 missile defense system becomes available.

Here are just a few of the weapons to which Tehran might turn in a war.


Can the New U.S. Stealth Bomber Get Past the Enemy?

Will the U.S. Air Force’s new stealth bomber be sufficiently survivable? Naive calculations sometimes presume, to quote Stanley Baldwin’s 1932 speech in the House of Commons, that “the bomber will always get through.” History has proven otherwise, and at the start of a ten-year development effort, the LRS-B’s survivability is clearly a known unknowable.

U.S. Intelligence Ought to Target Israel

An article in the Wall Street Journal about what the journalists describe as U.S. interception of communications of Israeli leaders has caused a stir, especially among those habitually quickest to leap to the defense of Israeli policies. We in the public do now know how much of the article's content is true; it represents one stream of reporting by one newspaper's correspondents.

5 Saudi Weapons of War Iran Should Fear

With tensions flaring between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the specter of a war between the two powers is once again on the rise.

In recent days, Saudi Arabia has severed diplomatic ties with Tehran after Riyadh’s embassy was set ablaze on Saturday by an angry mob. The protesters were enraged after Saudi Arabia executed forty-seven prisoners—including a top Shia cleric by the name of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. The cleric—who had been arrested several times—often called for the Eastern Province to secede from the kingdom.