China: Between U.S. Sanctions and North Korea

The recent sanctions imposed by Washington against North Korea in response to its fourth nuclear test and subsequent ballistic missile tests impose a plethora of new punishments on Kim Jong-un. They expand the U.S. blockade of North Korea, totally ban the export of goods there and threaten to ban anyone who does business with large sectors of the North Korean mining, transport and financial economies from the global financial system.

ISIS and Endlessly Expanding War

A couple of unfortunate ways of thinking about terrorism continue to plague discourse about the subject and create a political environment that encourages destructive policy responses. One is to conceive terrorism not as what it really is—a tactic—but instead as an identifiable group of bad actors: “the terrorists.” These bad guys are thought of as, if not having a permanently fixed number, then at least having identifiable limits that separate them from everyone else. Wipe out the bad guys, goes the thinking, and you've wiped out the terrorism problem.