The 5 Craziest Presidential Conventions in American History

Even as Donald Trump expresses the pious wish “I hope it doesn’t involve violence,” this summer’s Republican convention in Cleveland is widely anticipated to be a tumultuous one. The Democratic convention in Philadelphia could also become rather fractious if Bernie Sanders’s followers decide to turn on Hillary Clinton. But this would hardly be the first time in American history that a political convention took an unusual turn.

Is America Willing to Wage War Against China to Save the Status-Quo?

The Obama administration has never plainly acknowledged that it faces a major challenge from China to the US-led order in Asia, and it has therefore never clearly explained its strategy to deal with that challenge. Because it has never been clearly explained, the strategy has never been carefully scrutinized to see whether it has a credible chance of working. Instead it has slowly become accepted as orthodoxy among the US foreign and strategic policy community without serious debate.


Raytheon's Big Bet on Gallium Nitride Tech Pays Huge Dividends

Last week, Raytheon was awarded a $1 billion contract by the U.S. Navy to continue its work on Increment 1 of the Next Generation Jammer (NGJ). This continued what has been an impressive winning streak for the company on major acquisition programs. In winning the NGJ, Raytheon beat the long-time incumbent in the airborne jammer business, Northrop Grumman.  In 2013, it won the contest to design and build the Air and Missile Defense Radar, a replacement for the venerable Aegis radar that had been the centerpiece of U.S. Navy’s air and missile defense capability for decades.