Does the GOP Need More Presidential Candidates?

OMG. That seems to be the dominant feeling in the GOP as party pooh-bahs survey the current field. The rap on the candidates goes something like this. Mitt Romney? Boring, a liberal underneath all the shiny new conservative rhetoric. Rick Perry? Not another Texan. Michele Bachmann? A firebrand who can't get elected.

Okay, Assad Should Go--Now What?

Seldom has an insignificant policy distinction been so pumped up in wider commentary and criticism. I'm referring to a distinction between, on one day, saying that a regime has lost legitimacy and the people in the country in question would be better off without that regime and, on another day, saying that it is time for the ruler of that country to step aside.

The Soft Power of Humility

The incidental influence that the United States exerts simply through people around the world observing its behavior is consistently underestimated, just as the influence the United States can exert intentionally by exercising its economic, military, or other instruments of hard power tends to be overestimated.