A Hawkish Hillary Clinton Upsets Friends and Gets Labeled 'Trumpian'

While various industries have waxed and waned in the United States, the nation's undisputed lead in information technology remains a constant. Many countries have produced one, two, even a handful of entrepreneurs with a bright idea that made them billions, but the United States churns them out. In Silicon Valley, success feeds on success as entrepreneur turns investor and often goes on to repeat the cycle again and again. The place has power. Many of the industry's leaders meet regularly with U.S.

What a President Le Pen Means For America

It’s time to ask a hard question: What would it mean for U.S. interests if Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right National Front party, were to capture the French presidency in the spring of 2017? Short answer: this is one “French Connection” that most Americans won’t like, and shouldn’t encourage.