Get the Facts, Then Make Up Your Mind

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion,” the late, great Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once observed, “but not his own facts.” Although this quote is at least a couple of decades old, Senator Moynihan could easily have been referring to the ubiquitous Newsweek and Washington Post pundit, Fareed Zakaria.

President John Bolton

Dictators everywhere must be trembling. Questioned on Fox News about whether he might run for the presidency, John Bolton replied "I am thinking about it because I think legitimate issues of national security should be more at the center of the national debate than they have been for the last two years."

Carnegie's Saturnine Russia Meeting

 The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace held a conference today showcasing Lilia Shetsova's new book about Russia, The Lonely Power, but loneliness was hardly the issue at the meeting itself as a sizable room filled up with Washington's professional Russia-watchers, who constitute a sizable coterie, despite the disappearance of the Soviet empire some two decades a