The Inside Story of How Russia's Military Moves Around the World

When it comes to being air-mobile, the Russian military is second only to the U.S. military. According to the 2018 Military Balance Report, Russia fields 177 heavy to medium transport aircraft. This stands in contrast to America’s 658, China’s 84, France’s 46, and the UK’s 44. Russia’s transport fleet has proven useful in recent operations in Syria, but how did such a numerous fleet evolve in a military that has a strong focus on ground warfare? What unique capabilities does it have?

5 Guns Militaries Around the World Want in a War

The world’s armies still rely on semi-automatic handguns. Despite a revolution in firepower that has seen ground forces implement fully automatic carbines and assault rifles, pistols are still issued in large numbers. Pistols are weapons of last resort for soldiers who don’t fight on the front lines and for whom an assault rifle would just get in the way of their real jobs—but who might occasionally need a weapon to defend themselves.

The U.S. Military Could Soon Have the Ultimate Weapon: A 'Flying' Aircraft Carrier

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, often referred to as the mad science wing of the Pentagon, announced on May 9 that it plans on debuting its revolutionary Gremlin Unmanned Aerial System sometime in 2019. And much like the carrier classic military science fiction franchise StarCraft, defense contractor Dynetics designed the Gremlin to launch and recover from a flying mothership — in the case of the U.S. military, a Lockheed C-130 Hercules.