NATO’s Strategic ‘Six-Pack’ to Counter Russia’s Anti-Access/Area Denial Capability

The transatlantic community faces threats on multiple fronts, rendering NATO as essential as it has ever been. Because of these changing regional security dynamics, the Alliance should consider some additional reforms to its internal structure and capacities, so that it can achieve necessary readiness. There is still much to ponder. On the road from the 2016 Warsaw Summit to the 2017 Brussels Summit, the Alliance should embrace six core approaches – a new strategic “six-pack” – in order to strengthen the process of NATO’s long-term strategic adaptation.

Why NATO Isn't a Threat to Russia

Russia’s apologists blame the United States for the recent deterioration of U.S.-Russia relations by arguing that if Washington had shown greater respect for Russia’s interests after the Cold War, Moscow would not have felt the need to safeguard its security by dismembering Ukraine and Georgia.