Revealed: Millionaires Are Qualifying for Medicaid Under Obamacare

Millionaires living in states that expanded Medicaid are benefiting from government-sponsored health insurance, and taxpayers are footing the bill for it.

In states that expanded Medicaid, people with high net worths and low monthly incomes qualify for Medicaid because of loosened eligibility requirements implemented under Obamacare. And in rural states like Iowa, Americans whom many would consider wealthy are taking advantage of this “loophole” and enrolling in coverage paid for by taxpayers.

America's Master Plan to Defend Europe From Russian Aggression

U.S. defense secretary Ashton Carter is hoping that America’s NATO allies will contribute their full share toward the cost of defending Europe from a resurgent Russian threat. In the years since the Cold War ended, most of the burden for defending Western interests has fallen squarely on the United States, with European defense spending hovering at near all-time lows.

Great Power Pivot: U.S. Shifts Focus to War With China and Russia

President Barack Obama’s 2017 defense budget proposal refocuses the Pentagon on great power conflict—or in other words, Russia and China. Both nations are becoming more aggressive along their peripheries, which means that even as the United States continues to cooperate on certain issues with both countries, Washington must be prepared to compete with Moscow and Beijing over the next twenty-five years.

North Korea’s Belligerence Slaps China in the Face

North Korea’s fourth nuclear test followed by a ballistic missile launch have ominous implications—a North Korea in possession of miniaturized warheads and a delivery system.

These developments have rattled nerves and escalated tensions in Northeast Asia. The outrage over North Korea’s flagrant violation of United Nations Security Council resolutions has reverberated worldwide, yet China, North Korea’s sole ally, has refused to back tough measures that would raise the cost to Pyongyang of its behavior.