The Scary Story of How Two of the World's Most Powerful Nuclear Missile Subs Collided

The Triomphant-Vanguard collision suggests that what seemed extraordinarily unlikely event—a collision between nuclear submarines in the middle of the ocean doing their best to remain discrete—may not be so in fact. Sharing more data between allies to mitigate the risks of future collisions would likely enhance, not weaken, the security of both those submarines and the nations they defend.

Will China Provide Sanctuary to North Korean Submarines?

As Washington, Seoul and Tokyo fret about North Korea’s repeated firing of ballistic missiles into the skies of Northeast Asia, another part of Pyongyang’s arsenal has gone largely unnoticed because it’s under the ocean: Submarines.

Of course, submarines aren’t supposed to be noticed, which is what can make them such an effective stealth weapon.

North Korea does possesses a substantial underwater force, according to Terence Roehrig, professor of national security affairs and director of the Asia-Pacific Studies Group at the US Naval War College. 

The TPP May Not Be Completely Dead Yet

Will the work that went into negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) go to waste? There are two approaches the remaining members can take. Useful parts of the TPP can be uplifted and transplanted into other agreements. Or the trade agreement can be seen as a sleeping beauty — or better yet, a modern woman who needs no prince but who will wake up and get on with it.