The US Navy Can Now Prove Its New Anti-Ship Missile Is a Real Killer

The Navy's Standard Missile 6 exploded, destroyed and sank a surface ship target in a test several months ago off the coast of Hawaii, providing additional strategic relevance for an new offensive use of a missile previous oriented toward air and ballistic missile defense, Raytheon and Navy officials said.

"The anti-surface warfare test proved that SM-6 could attack a surface ship. It destroyed a Perry-class fast Frigate. The big deal for us is that the SM-6 proved its capability with sea targets," Mike Campisi, SM-6 Senior Director, Raytheon, told Scout Warrior in an interview. 

Israel and Palestine Can Move Forward—But Not with Idealists

In addition being America’s glorious capital, Washington, DC is a town jam-packed with think tanks of all ideologies and political persuasions. The men and women who work in them, often categorized in the news media as former government officials and ivory tower academics, churn out dozens of reports on a weekly basis on every topic under the sun—from welfare and immigration reform to changes in the National Security Council.