What Will Be the Legacy of Xi Jinping's Power Play in China?

In 2007, as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was preparing to convene its 17th National Congress in Beijing, the names of two Lis were making the rounds as favourites to be anointed leaders-in-waiting of the party’s Fifth Generation. They were Liaoning Party chief Li Keqiang and Jiangsu Party chief Li Yuanchao. Newly appointed Party chief of Shanghai, Xi Jinping, was not expected to contend.

Want to Increase Your Property Values? Try a Nuclear War

Ever wonder what nuclear Armageddon would do to real-estate prices?

How hard would it be to buy a tank of gas if Houston, Texas were suddenly struck by an atom bomb? Which fallout shelter is the most cost-effective?

All these questions and more were considered by Washington during the Cold War. Some tend to think of nuclear attacks as the end of humanity. But the truth is that a lot of people and infrastructure would survive.