China's Greatest Wish: Is Taiwan's Air Force Dying?

Now the Taiwanese military is looking to boost its surface-to-air missile deterrence to fend off incoming Chinese warplanes, as its relatively small fleet of fighters is becoming overstretched.

The wear and tear on Taiwan’s military aircraft are increasing, as they need to take off to intercept or monitor Chinese bombers or spy planes whenever they approach, an almost daily occurrences now that Beijing’s breaches of the island’s airspace is so frequent that it’s no longer news.

The Real Story of Why the Navy Hates 'Small' Aircraft Carriers

There were also advantages in building more, smaller carriers. For the first time in decades the number of carriers dropped below twenty, making it increasingly unlikely that enough flight decks would be available during a conventional war to service all requirements. Spreading naval aviation out among more platforms made it more resistant to individual wartime carrier losses. Finally, the increasing importance of new operating areas such as the Persian Gulf stretched existing resources.

Forget the F-35: The (Ugly) X-32 Could Have Replaced It

One thing is for certain; the X-32 was a ridiculously ugly aircraft. It looked like nothing so much as the spawn of an A-7 Corsair and a hideously deformed manatee. The F-35 is no prize from an aesthetic point of view, lacking the sleek, dangerous lines of the F-22, but the X-32 made the F-35 look positively sexy by comparison. How much should this matter? Not a bit. How much did it matter? Good question. Fighter pilots don’t like to fly aircraft that look like they could be run over by Florida speed boat.

Would Russia Really Sell to Syria the S-300 Air Defense System? (And Why It Might Not Matter)

Russia has not made a final decision to supply Damascus with the S-300 surface-to-air missile defense system following an American-led attack on Syria on April 13. However, even if Moscow were to proceed with the delivery of the S-300 system to the Assad regime, the Russian-made weapon would not likely be able to stop an American cruise missile strike even if it could complicate allied air operations over Syria.