This Could Be the Surprising Spark for Asia’s Next Big Mega War

Tensions over water are rising in Asia—and not only because of conflicting maritime claims. While territorial disputes, such as in the South China Sea, attract the most attention—after all, they threaten the safety of sea lanes and freedom of navigation, which affects outside powers as well—the strategic ramifications of competition over transnationally shared freshwater resources are just as ominous.

For the First Time Ever, the F-35B Takes-Off at Sea With Full Weapons Load and Drops Live-Bombs

For the first time in history, the F-35B took off from a ship with a full-load of weapons. Integrating the F-35B will change tactics on-board amphibious assault ships

The Marine Corps F-35B Short-Take-Off-and-Vertical-Landing Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter took off from a Navy amphibious assault ship for the first time with a full load of weapons -- in preparation for its planned deployment in 2018. 

Report: 130,000 U.S. Navy Sailors Have Been Hacked

According to a statement released by the Navy, hackers have acquired sensitive information on over 130,000 Navy soldiers. “Unknown individuals” accessed the data via a single laptop owned by an unnamed employee of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services, whom the Navy awarded a $3.5 billion contract in 2013. The HP business and technology subsidiary notified the Navy on Oct. 27.

The U.S. Navy's New Super Stealth Destroyer Is Getting Ready for Combat

One of the biggest question marks remaining for the DDG 1000 USS Zumwalt is whether its radar and missile systems will work as redesigned ---- and radar manufacturer Raytheon is wasting no time in making sure its sensor meets U.S Navy needs.

The ship is slated to test and certify its combat system after it arrives later this year in its homeport of San Diego. But Raytheon officials say the plan is to start activating and operating the radar before its arrival on the West Coast.