Why The Baltic States Are Where Nuclear War Is Most Likely To Begin

History may one day record that the greatest strategic blunder in history was the failure of U.S. leaders to take the possibility of nuclear war between America and Russia seriously once the Cold War ended.

Initially, U.S. leaders thought the ideological motivation for East-West nuclear tensions had disappeared with the collapse of communism.  But even after Vladimir Putin began rebuilding Russia's military forces and signaling a desire to regain lost influence, Washington continued to treat the prospect of nuclear conflict as remote.

Does America Need Mobile Nuclear Weapons?

This week’s Republican National Convention has reminded me again that knowing your nuclear triad is important. Some of the malcontentedness after last month’s Brexit referendum is a reminder that the Scottish Nationalists don’t like nuclear weapons, triad or not.

Welcome to Russian Bombers 101

While the Kremlin makes grand pronouncements about developing a new PAK-DA stealth bomber, the Russian Air Force will likely continue to rely on its force of Tupolev Tu-95MS Bears for its long-aviation force for the foreseeable future. Eventually, the Bears will likely give way to new-build versions of the Mach 2.0 capable Tu-160 Blackjack, but the chances of the PAK-DA ever materializing are fairly remote.

Is Russia Building a Nuclear Space Bomber?

A senior Russian officer claimed the Kremlin’s weaponeers are working on a nuclear-armed, orbital bomber that can lob megaton atomic bombs at any city on Earth just an hour or two after launch.

Yes, you read that right.

But don’t panic. For a whole host of reasons, we’re unlikely to ever see this plane in the real world — nor numerous other high-tech projects Kremlin officials and Russian defense contractors say are in development.

How Would the Stock Market Handle a Trump Presidency?

TNI speaks to Milton Ezrati on politics and the economy. Would a Trump presidency spark a market panic - or would Wall Street convince itself it can cut a deal with the Art of the Deal author? How might Hillary Clinton handle free trade? And how has Barack Obama managed the economy? All this and more in a quick interview, conducted by The National Interest's editor Jacob Heilbrunn on Facebook Live.