Iran's Arsenal of Lethal Ballistic Missiles Isn't Just a Problem for America

Missile defense cooperation remains one of, if not the most, important aspects of the multilateral relationship between the United States and its allies in the Arabian Gulf. The U.S. defense industry has greatly benefitted from this multilateral relationship with the military expenditure of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states routinely among the highest in the world. Due to changing political leadership, budgetary concerns and military education the GCC states are starting to assert themselves across the region.

China's New Super Computer Can Perform 93,000 Trillion Calculations Per Second

On Monday, the inconceivable happened. China announced it had built the world’s fastest computer. China has always been good at copying and/or stealing intellectual property, but it has rarely produced “indigenous innovation,” particular in the high-tech sector.

The Chinese supercomputer, called the Tianhe-1A, is capable of performing over 2.5 thousand trillion operations a second and is big enough to fill a large warehouse. The processors weigh over 150 tons and can store information equal to about a hundred million books.