How America and Japan are Pushing Back Against China in the South China Sea

US & Japan show force together in South China Sea to Counter China; Pentagon officials say satellites have confirmed that the Chinese have placed surface-to-air missiles on island-like structures in the area.

US and Japanese ships have completed a joint show of force in the contested region of the South China Sea in an overt attempt to illustrate allied cooperation and interoperability - and challenge China's aggressive stance in the region, service officials said. 

Russia Fears NATO (And These 5 Weapons Are a Big Reason Why)

The Boeing AH-64A Apache helicopter gunship was first introduced in 1986 as a weapon to blunt an anticipated Soviet armored spearhead punching through the Fulda Gap in what is now central Germany. The Apache proved itself an able tank killer during the 1991 Gulf War, decimating Iraq’s beleaguered forces.

Since then, the Apache has undergone many modernizations—adding ever improving sensors and weapons. But like its predecessors, the newest Apache models can carry sixteen Hellfire anti-attack weapons—or enough to wipe out a company of tanks in a single salvo.

Is North Korea Using China's Satellites to Guide Its Missiles?

As North Korea fires more missiles in its drive to build and test rockets to reach the US mainland, one issue largely overlooked is that satellites are among methods used to guide such weapons to their targets.

Pyongyang doesn’t have a satellite navigation network, raising speculation that if it is using such a guidance system then is it tapping into China’s?