Will Spain's Political Problems Ever End?

Oops, Spain did it again. On Sunday, it held a do-over of last December’s general elections in an attempt to produce a constellation of political forces that would make the country governable again. After months of fruitless attempts to put together a coalition government, voters were asked to provide their input again. But just like in December, the results did not produce a majority in the Spanish parliament for any realistic set of coalition partners.

Political Risk Is Back in Europe

"The real effect of Brexit is that it tears Pandora's box open. Despite all the tools that were activated by, say, the European Central Bank [ECB], liquidity bombs that were injected into the market, low energy prices...the real effect is that markets are now growing acutely aware of political risk." That's what Francesco Galietti, founder of the Rome-based political risk consultancy Policy Sonar and a veteran of the Italian treasury, told Jacob Heilbrunn, editor of the National Interest, in a Facebook Live interview.

America Must Stay Out of Syria's War

A group of State Department officials recently sent a confidential cable chiding the administration for not adding another war to America’s very full agenda. The fifty-one diplomats called for “targeted military strikes” against the Syrian government and greater support for “moderate” forces fighting the regime.