World War III: How America Planned a Nuclear War to Crush Russia

Regardless, the Air Force explained it simply couldn’t afford to care about these concerns. “While … the probability of radioactive fall-outs [sic] affecting friendly forces and peoples have been considered, the requirement to win the Air Power Battle is paramount to all other considerations,” the authors declared. “If the Air Power Battle is not won, the consequences to the friendly world will be far more disastrous.”

Russia's Robotic Armada Emerges

This year's Army-2017 military expo in Russia has featured a myriad of systems designed to showcase current Russian achievements fielded by the country's forces, as well as to show prospective new technologies. Unmanned military systems—or military robotic complexes, as Russia calls them—receive a lot of attention.

Getting The Most From The Army’s Humvee Fleet

The tragedy of Hurricane Harvey provided a clear demonstration of the National Guard’s role in responding to natural disasters and domestic crises. The entire Texas Guard contingent has been deployed along with units from more than a dozen states. Nearby states have provided additional Army Guard units and equipment while those farther away such as New York, Connecticut and Alaska have sent Air Guard helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.