China's Nuclear Weapons Arsenal Could Grow Massively in the Coming Years

This isn’t meant to suggest that China is going to substantially overhaul the size of its nuclear arsenal overnight. If history is any guide, China is likely to build up its arsenal in a cautious, methodical manner. Nonetheless, it is undeniable that China’s nuclear arsenal is going to get larger in the years ahead, and U.S. nuclear and arms-control strategy must account for this fact.

Forget North Korea: This Is What a Chinese Nuclear Attack on America Would Look Like

As one can see from this discussion, there is ample reason for anxiety with many new Chinese nuclear systems now coming online, as well as substantial reason for optimism. As an author who frequently rides China’s high-speed rail, I am acutely aware that astronomical sums of money spent on that system could just as easily have been spent building an enormous arsenal of nuclear weaponry. That was not done and it’s certainly good that Chinese leaders have their priorities straight.