Americans Wrote the Russians' Material

Russian interference in domestic American politics is a large and complicated story, full understanding of which is only beginning to be reached by the media and independent analysts.  Some of the lessons and implications of that story, especially as it relates to the 2016 election, can only follow completion of the relevant investigations.  But one aspect of the story need not await the official inquiries.  This aspect concerns how many of the accusations and themes that Russia promoted through social media merely

In 2009, We Almost Found Out What Happens When Nuclear Missile Submarines Collide

Of course, particularly alarming was that both ships were designed to carry nuclear missiles: sixteen M45 ballistic missiles on the Triomphant and the same number of Trident II missiles onboard the Vanguard, each carrying 4 and 6 nuclear warheads respectively. Losing such apocalyptic firepower on the ocean floor would have been a catastrophe. However, nuclear warheads are not susceptible to “going off” as a result of a collision.

Should the U.S. Air Force Fear North Korea's Air Defense Networks?

North Korean low altitude air defenses are also fairly robust—even if the systems that Pyongyang fields are dated. “At low altitudes, they have huge numbers of license produced and indigenous MANPADs [man-portable air defenses] and 23-57mm anti-aircraft artillery—many thousands of pieces,” Kashin said.

If the Trump Administration chooses to intervene in North Korea, the White House may discover that Pyongyang is a more formidable adversary than many might expect.

Could North Korea's 4,300 Tanks Crush America in a War?

Though technologically backwards for the most part—in the event of war—the North Koreans could inflict severe damage to South Korea and the U.S. forces stationed on the peninsula.

As Washington ratchets up the pressure on North Korea—or potentially launches a preemptive strike—the Kim regime in Pyongyang has options to strike back hard at the United States and South Korea using purely conventional means.

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Russia and China's Greatest Wish: Are Stealth Fighters and Bombers Obsolete?

If cognitive electronic warfare pans out, it would afford U.S. forces a huge advantage over new enemy air defense systems—which also increasingly make use of software reprogrammable waveforms. The technology could not only be applied to next-generation platforms such as the PCA or the Navy’s Next Generation Air Dominance—or F/A-XX—but also to existing tactical aircraft such as the F-22 and F-35. But so could existing fourth-generation tactical fighters—extending those machines’ lease on life by increasing their ability to survive in high threat environments.