Ultimate Cold War Crazy Weapon: Rocket Ships Hauling Space Marines (with Jetpacks)

In the early Space Age, everything seemed possible — no matter how crazy.

Which is why, in the 1960s, one American engineer seriously designed a space rocket to transport troops wearing jetpacks. This far-out concept aimed to lob Marine jet-battalions into space and land them on the other side of the world in less than an hour.

It was all about ending what the U.S. military calls the “tyranny of distance.” That is, moving soldiers and material overseas in a short amount of time.

Will The U.S. Army Get Serious About Revolutionizing Long Range Fires?

U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) forces face two particular challenges from the modernized Russian military in Europe. The first is an increasingly sophisticated air defense network consisting of large numbers of mobile high performance anti-aircraft missiles of varying ranges integrated through an array of radars, airborne surveillance aircraft and other sensor systems.