How Northrop Grumman's OpenPod Technology Could Make the U.S. Air Force Even More Lethal

Northrop Grumman has developed a new fighter-mounted pod that can be reconfigured for a new types of missions in a matter of minutes.

For example, if a Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle were flying a strike mission, the pod would be configured as a targeting sensor, but if the next sortie called for an air-to-air tasking, the pod could be reconfigured as data-link to connect to fifth-generation fighters like the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor.

Why Trump Needs to Deploy Missile Defenses to Counter North Korea and Iran

The efforts by North Korea and Iran to develop ballistic missiles capable of targeting not only its regional adversaries but the U.S. homeland are intensifying. Two days ago, it directly challenged the new U.S. Administration and the international community, by testing what may be a new intermediate-range ballistic missile at the exact time that President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Abe were meeting in the United States. Iran has test-fired two ballistic missiles in the three weeks since President Trump was inaugurated.

Stealth-Killer: How Russia or China Could Crush America’s F-35 or F-22 Raptor

With a missile warhead large enough, the range resolution does not have to be precise. For example, the now antiquated S-75 Dvina—known in NATO parlance as the SA-2 Guideline—has a 440-pound warhead with a lethal radius of more than 100 feet. Thus, a notional twenty-microsecond compressed pulse with a range resolution of 150 feet should have the range resolution to get the warhead close enough—according to Pietrucha’s theory.

The Ultimate Bad Idea: A Nuclear Armed Japan

The biggest immediate impact of a Japanese nuclear weapon would have been raw panic in Beijing. Nuclear weapons gave China a deterrent against three powers: the United States, the USSR and Japan. As it happened, Japan’s conventional weakness and pacifist political approach made the latter unnecessary. However, the development of Japanese nukes would have forced China to worry greatly about the political independence of Tokyo from Washington.