The Pentagon Must Stop Abusing the War Budget

After years of claiming that the war budget has been limited to paying for the costs of foreign conflicts, the Pentagon has finally admitted that it has been using that account to pay for tens of billion of dollars in costs that have nothing to do with fighting wars.  This budget shell game has been particularly egregious in recent years, as the Pentagon has sought to evade the caps on non-war spending that were imposed by the Budget Control Act of 2011.

How the U.S. Navy's Nuclear-Powered Submarines Will Stay Ahead of Russia and China

New quieting technologies could help US submarine operate in or near enemy territory without being detected; this will enable US subs to detect and destroy enemy submarines, ships and incoming weapons at much farther distances.

Navy leaders say the service is making progress developing new acoustics, sensors and quieting technologies to ensure the U.S. retains its technological edge in the undersea domain – as countries like China and Russia continue rapid military modernization and construction of new submarines.