Russian Army Snipers Have Rifles and Ammo That Can Pierce U.S. Body Armor

The Russian involvement in Syria and Ukraine has provided a wealth of experience to the Russian military. One of the hallmarks of these engagements is the continued use of sniper tactics. As a result, the modern Russian sniper has evolved far beyond the relatively primitive technology used during the Cold War. Most notably, significant attention has been given to sniper systems that have the ability to penetrate body armor. There are currently three sniper systems in current use by the Russian military that pose a significant threat to American troops wearing body armor.

Did U.S. F-22s Almost Shoot Down Russian Aircraft over Syria?

U.S. and Russian warplanes almost clashed into each other over Syria.

And almost as important, those aircraft included America's vaunted but untried F-22 stealth fighter, and Russia's Su-35.

Yet disappointment awaits those aviation buffs and nationalists who savor the thought of a dogfight between the top American and Russian jets. There has no battle—so far.

The United States has shot down a Syrian jet, and Turkey has shot down a Russian plane, but the America and Russia are just eyeing each other for now.

A U.S. Aircraft Carriers 2 Greatest Foes (And No, Not North Korea, China or Russia)

The sailors aboard the Oriskany reacted swiftly and courageously to rescue vulnerable crew members and prevent the fire from spreading. Nonetheless, the incident was a timely warning of the danger of overworking a crew beyond the limits of its manpower; it also demonstrated the vital importance of ensuring that munitions were properly designed with high heat tolerances to avoid accidental detonation.