Mama Grizzly vs. The Establishment

As the GOP's leading contender in 2012, can Sarah Palin channel the optimism of her hero Reagan without abandoning her bromides against the tyranny of the ruling class?

Issue: Jan-Feb 2011

[amazon 0062010964 full]Sarah Palin, America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag (New York: Harper, 2010), 304 pp., $25.99.

Sarah Palin, Going Rogue: An American Life (New York: Harper, 2009), 432 pp., $28.99.

IN HIS novel The American Senator, Anthony Trollope has Elias Gotobed visit England to study its institutions. Senator Gotobed, an apostle of the wisdom of the common man, soon expresses his consternation at the feudal power and prerogatives, the arrogance and presumption, of the nobility. He informs a British acquaintance that his country is stuck in the past:

The spirit of conservatism in this country is so strong that you cannot bear to part with a shred of the barbarism of the Middle Ages. And when a rag is sent to the winds you shriek with agony at the disruption, and think that the wound will be mortal.

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