Night and Fog

Alan Furst recreates the atmosphere of Europe's second Dark Ages (1933-45) as few others have. Today, Western civilization is again under attack, and Furst can teach us a great deal.

Issue: Winter 2004-2005

Alan Furst, ed., The Book of Spies: Anthology of Literary Espionage (New York: Modern Library, 2003), 374 pp., $24.95.

Alan Furst, Dark Voyage (New York: Random House, 2004), 256 pp., $24.95.

Blood of Victory (2003), 272 pp., $12.95.

Kingdom of Shadows (2001), 272 pp., $11.95.

Red Gold (2002), 288 pp., $11.95.

The World at Night (2002,) 288 pp., $11.95.

The Polish Officer (2001), 304 pp., $12.95.

Dark Star (2002), 464 pp., $13.95.

Night Soldiers (2002), 480 pp., $13.95.

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